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Same Brain


Same Brain is the love child of two best friends that became bestie soulmates during a children's improv class at a summer camp - we were in our 20's. Bonding over our desire for a man in our lives we became fast friends, creative teammates, and lovers of wine and romantic comedies. 

As we dished about our lives over French fries and wine we discovered that we have wild stories to tell, both fiction and non-fiction, tales that WE believe will tickle your fancy. And if they don't...don't tell us. 

Follow along as we produce shows, create a web-series, short films and whatever the heck else we feel inspired to create! 

Caroline Mitchell.jpg


Caroline Mitchell is an actor, singer, Pride and Prejudice lover, holiday fanatic, and karaoke star (but only in her dreams). 

Caroline's true love is hiding and waiting to jump out and scare her. Although she would advise if that's you to *not* jump out and scare her as she is easily spooked. 

While she waits for her "man love", she spends her time pouring into her artistic love. A graduate of Brenau University and The Gainesville Theatre Alliance, Caroline is an actor and voiceover artist located in Atlanta. 

"Have I shown you my Keep Cup?" 


Ashlyn Stallings.jpg


Ashlyn Stallings is an actor, fur baby mama and nature lover. Her true love has yet to be determined but he's out there somewhere so in the meantime her focus is on self love and TV/Film.

Ashlyn attended the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and has trained in NY, LA and ATL. She can be seen in The Walking Dead, The Quad and Cupcake.

"Be kind to Mother Earth or I will scream at you. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk."


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